Capital Works Program


NameProject DescriptionPlanned Start DatePlanned Finish DateInitial BudgetCurrent Project PhaseStatusFY to be delivered
Animal Management FacilityAnimal Management Facility01/07/201831/12/2020$1,671,000.00ExecutionOn Track2020-2021
Saleyard Kiosk - Agent & Staff Building (Upgrade and refurbishment)Saleyard Kiosk - Agent & Staff Building (Upgrade and refurbishment)01/07/202031/12/2021$672,488.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Broke VPA Works (Skate Park & Tree Planting)Broke VPA Works (Skate Park & Tree Planting)31/05/201903/08/2020$506,300.00Close-OutCompleted
Upgrade Works (Gowrie)Upgrade Works (Gowrie)01/07/201815/04/2021$2,100,000.00ExecutionOn Track2020-2021
Bulga Water Supply SchemeBulga Water Supply Scheme02/01/201804/04/2020$3,900,000.00InitiationPending Grant Funding
Singleton Town Centre Stage 2The Stage 2 Project is a street and footpath upgrade project that will provide enhanced and improved access to the Singleton Town Centre off the New England Highway onto Campbell Street and south onto John Street, completing the heavy vehicle link through Singleton.
 The battery limits of the project are John Street from Ryan Avenue to Campbell Street, and Campbell Street from John Street to the New England Highway.
04/02/201930/09/2021$4,773,118.00ExecutionOn Track
Additional Reservoir InvestigationInvestigation and analysis into the optimal location for an additional large capacity reservoir.
 This project is linked to PM20_10214 New Reservoir Design/Investigation which shares the budget for this project
01/08/202012/05/2021$120,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Redbourneberry StandpipeConstruct a new standpipe in the Redbourneberry area.19/07/201930/05/2021$1,000,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Water Mains - Replacement/Renewal ProgramReplacement of water mains. 01/07/201930/06/2021$2,400,000.00ExecutionOn Track2021-2022
Regional Road Rehabilitation - Glendonbrook RoadAs part of Council’s 2019/20 Regional Roads Rehabilitation Program, Council approved to rehabilitate, widen & strengthen of 400m long section of Glendonbrook Road. It will provide a 9m Pavement with a 8m seal. It is located approximately chainage 16.04km from the intersection of Glendonbrook Road and Gresford Road (1.8km from Dungog Council boundary). The section of road traverses a hilly topography and has areas of rock and soil cuttings. The project will be undertaken as per the survey and design. The project details including survey, investigation and designs are saved in P6/RD00904-1.

 January 2020 - Council received funding for this project which allowed completion of substantially more than the original 400m proposed. The project now consists of 1.39km of road from Chainage 14.74 - 16.13
01/09/201931/08/2020$1,069,584.00ExecutionOn Track2020-2021
Regional Road Rehabilitation - Elderslie RoadAs part of Council’s 2019/2020 Regional Roads Rehabilitation Program, Council approved to rehabilitate, widen & strengthen of a 500m long section of Elderslie Road. It is proposed to provide an 8m wide seal to a 9m wide pavement. The project is located from chainage 4.4km to 4.9km from Cessnock LGA boundary. The site survey has been completed and the tender for the design work is underway. The project details including survey, investigation and designs will be recorded in CAP19/1/R by Capital Works Programing team.01/07/201931/12/2021$2,400,000.00ExecutionOn Track2020-2021
Sealing of Unsealed Road - Dyrring Road As part of Council’s 2019/2020 Sealing of Unsealed Roads Program, Council at its meeting on 17 December 2018, approved to seal a 400m section of Dyrring Road from chainage 5.86km to 6.26km from Gresford Road intersection. The total allocated budget is $100,000. It will provide a 5m wide seal on a 6m pavement. It can be noted that reconstruction of the causeway located along this section of Dyrring Road has been included in Council's 2019/2020 Causeway Rehabilitation Program. The allocated budget is $100,000. It is proposed to combined these two projects in order to obtain a value for money. 06/05/202030/10/2020$100,000.00PlanningOn Track2019-2020
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Carrowbrook RoadAs part of Council’s 2019/2020 Rural Roads Rehabilitation Program, Council at its meeting on 17 December 2018, approved to widen and strengthen the old pavement of Carrowbrook Road with drainage improvement and safety barriers installation. The project is located from chainage 13.2km to 14.83km from Bridgman Road intersection. (From end of rehab to change of seal near house no 1511). It is approximately 1.63km long and will provide a 7m wide seal on an 8m pavement. The total allocated budget is $640,000.01/09/201901/04/2020$640,000.00PlanningOn Track2019-2020
Major Culvert Repair - Blue Bonnet Road 800m from Lambs Valley RoadIn the 2014 storm event the headwall of the major culvert and pipes were undermined and shifted significantly. This shift requires some major repairs to ensure that the asset is in a satisfactory condition and safe for users of the road.
 The repairs will require the removal of the existing precast headwall and the first two lengths of pipe. The new pipes will need to be re-positioned and a new headwall will need to be installed either as a precast or as insitu.
Close-OutClose-Out Phase2019-2020
Mt Thorley Pressure Improvement - Feasability StudyInvestigation into causes of low pressure in the Mt Thorleypotable water network, and possible solutions to overcome low pressure within the network.12/11/201929/01/2021$70,000.00
On Track
Additional Standpipe Locations - Feasability StudyInvestigation into the potential for installation of additional standpipe locations around the Singleton area01/04/202130/09/2021$40,000.00PlanningDeferred2020-2021
Standpipe - Renewal, Drainage Upgrade & Hardstand RepairUpgrade of the existing standpipe area01/09/202030/09/2020$140,000.00PlanningCompleted
Obanvale Bench Testing Equipment UpgradeUpgrade of water testing equipment located at Obanvale.01/10/201930/11/2020$150,000.00ExecutionClose-Out Phase
WTP Chemical Dosing Systems Re-commissioning (PAC, Lime and KMnO4)Upgrade of lime dosing sytem located at Obanvale.01/08/202030/01/2021$280,000.00ExecutionOn Track
SCADA & Telemetry UpgradeUpgrade of obsolete SCADA and telemetry hardware01/07/201924/12/2021$2,150,000.00InitiationOn Track2020-2021
Rising main - Condition Rating and SpecificationsCondition assessment of the rising mains from major sewer pump stations01/11/201929/01/2021$50,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
IDEA Pond - Clean & Rehabilitate
Not On Track
STP Inlet Works Upgrade Options StudyUpgrade of STP inlet works and installation of emergency bypass20/11/201930/11/2020$150,000.00
On Track
Major SPS Refurbishment (Dunnoly/Kelso/Bourke)The project is to upgrade the three major sewer pump stations in the Singleton Network to extend their operating life and increase storage capacity and redundancy.01/08/201931/03/2021$3,372,000.00ExecutionOn Track
Water and Sewer Infrastructure Security UpgradeInstallation and upgrade of all security measures for critical water and sewer infrastructure.28/06/201928/06/2020$2,100,000.00
Not Started - Delayed
The Inlet Road - Bulga - On street ParkingAs part of Council’s 2019/2020 Roads Program, Council approved to formalisation of on street parking, including disabled carparking, near the War Memorial, tennis courts and children's playground on The Inlet Road, these work may include placement of a gravel base and bitumen sealing with line marking, it may also require kerb edging and dish drain to help with drainage and erosion control. Full design of carpark on the whole length is recommended and considering the budget availability , decision needs to be made on number of parking bays. Consultation with Coordinator of Recreation and Facilities is required. 01/07/202018/12/2020$90,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
The Inlet Road - Bulga - Sealing Rec. Area AccessAs part of Council’s 2019/2020 Works Program, Council approved to formalisation of and sealing of Bulga Recreational Area access road off The Inlet Road, these work may include the placement of a gravel base and bitumen sealing. The area to be sealed is approx. 700m2( total length of the existing access road including the bulbous end). Consultation with the Coordinator Recreation & Facilities during the design process is required. There are some openspace and reserve projects are happening in 19/20 at this location.01/07/202018/12/2020$25,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Causeway Rehabilitation/Replacement in Dyrring Road (26CA1)Replacement of the damaged causeway on Dyrring Road located due to poor condition and damage. 01/08/201930/09/2020$100,000.00Close-OutClose-Out Phase2019-2020
Design & Investigation - Drainage - Ada and Kelso StreetDesign and investigate the possible drainage options for the catchment around Ada Street and surrounding streets.
 Investigate the drainage options around the Kelso St area concentrating on the catchment around the Australian Christian College and surrounding area.
01/07/201931/01/2021$100,000.00PlanningNot On Track
Paynes Crossing BridgeBridge replacement project - a shared project with Cessnock Council01/03/202028/02/2021$200,000.00ExecutionOn Track
Sewer Treatment Plant - Treated Effluent Reuse Irrigation (Recycled Water Reuse Scheme - RWRS)Singleton STP treated effluent reuse implementation based on Doughboy Hollow Ecological and hydrological studies.17/11/201931/12/2021
InitiationOn Track2021-2022
Flow Meters

On Track
Arts and Cultural CentreThis project will construct a new Arts & Culture Centre at Townhead Park. The approximately 700m2 facility will contain a large exhibition space, two artists’ workshops, a media area, a large decking areas providing connectivity to the Visitor Information Centre and Café, and carpark to accommodate additional visitors. 11/02/201931/08/2021$2,615,354.00PlanningOn Track
Plant & Equipment - Motor Vehicle (Light) - SewerPurchase of light motor vehicle01/04/202030/06/2020

Not Started - Delayed
Plant & Equipment - Light Motor Vehicle (New) - WaterPurchase of light motor vehicle for Electrician01/07/201930/06/2020

Not Started - Delayed
Mount Thorley Raw Water - Flow Meter ReplacementReplacement of flow meter to be compliant with NRAR requirements30/11/201931/12/2020

On Track
Minimbah Drive Reservoir ConstructionDesign and Construction of replacement reservoir on Minimbah Drive.01/09/202027/11/2021$2,000,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Industrial Supply Standpipe - Replacement and Concrete RepairsReplacement of the bulk-water filling stations at Water Works Lane and Maison Dieu. Upgrade of hardstand and concrete repairs.01/10/202031/03/2021$283,500.00PlanningOn Track
Access Hatches (Rixs, Mt Thorley and Apex)Upgrade of access hatched and reservoir access for water reservoirs.06/07/202023/12/2020$450,000.00ExecutionOn Track2020-2021
Rising Main - Bourke St PS to STPRepairs on the section of sewer rising main running from Bourke St Pump Station to the Sewage Treatment Plant.15/12/202030/04/2021$500,000.00
Not Due to Start
STP - Aerator Automation UpgradeUpgrade of aerators at STP to improve operation and efficiency.01/08/202031/05/2021$150,000.00
On Track
WTP - Chemical Dosing UpgradeThe project includes dosing systems (including dam chlorine dosing, ACH, Polymer Lime) condition assessment and undertake identified upgrades that will ensure reliable long-term operation of the dosing systems.02/02/202130/06/2021$150,000.00
Not Due to Start
WTP - Automation UpgradeUpgrade of Automation Control System at Obanvale Water Treatment Plant04/01/202131/05/2021$250,000.00
Not Due to Start2021-2022
Hebden Road - Safer Roads ProjectWiden road pavement to a 7m seal on an 8m formation from Scrumlo Road southwards for a distance of approximately 320m. Install semi-rigid barrier on roadside with motorcycle under-run protection, mark barrier line and install road feature signs.01/06/202030/04/2021$316,357.00
On Track2020-2021
Urban Road Rehabilitation - Kelso Street - Church Street to Bathurst Street 0.00 to 0.28This project is a continuation of the design and investigation to improve Kelso Street between Bathurst and Edward Streets. This upgrade will include new drainage in the area with stormwater pits and pipes and kerb and gutter added. The road will undertake a rehabilitation job in this area. 01/07/202030/06/2021$1,740,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Stanhope Road 0.00km to 1.02kmAs part of Council’s 2020/2021 Rural Roads Rehabilitation Program, Council will widen and strengthen the damaged pavement of Stanhope Road. The project is located from chainage 0.00km to 1.02km from Elderslie Road intersection. It is approximately 1020m long and will provide a 7m wide seal on an 8m pavement. The total allocated budget is $300,000.01/07/202028/02/2021$300,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Dalwood Road chainage 3.45km to 4.55kmAs part of Council’s 2020/2021 Rural Roads Rehabilitation Program a 1km stretch of Dalwood Road will be completed to strengthen and repair the damaged pavement.. This is a like for like rehab job in which the width of the road will not alter. The average width of the pavement along this stretch is 8m, with a 7m seal. This section of road has 3 culverts which could possibly need cleaning out as part of the job and or precautions around them to prevent collapse or excess build up of material while working on the job.01/10/202030/11/2020$280,000.00
Not Due to Start2020-2021
Building Renewal - Sedgefield Cemetery Toilet Block RefurbishmentRefurbishment of the inside of the toilet block at Sedgefield Cemetery. Works will include flooring, doors and wash basin, with improvements to gravity fed water tank stand. This is in line with improvements to our rural area amenities and upgrades. 01/07/202030/06/2021$40,000.00
On Track
Singleton Town (east) - Safer Roads Project Provide kerb blisters at intersections along Bishopgate Street and change priority of intersections. Re-mark all existing give way markings, provide new give way signage and new centreline markings on the approaches to all intersections throughout the area. Install new give way markings and signs at intersections with New England Highway.03/08/202030/04/2021$141,600.00
On Track2020-2021
Building Renewal - Administration Building Carpark Lighting UpgradeThe lighting that is around the carpark at the Administration Building has become a safety concern as many of the lights are not working the general area is not lit well at night. The lights that service the area have come to the end of their service and investigation into new LED type lights that can service this area is required.01/07/202011/12/2020$10,000.00InitiationOn Track2020-2021
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Mirannie Road 22.809km to 23.327kmAs a continuation of the improvements in the area of the new Brookers Bridge, the section south of the bridge has been identified in the roads rehabilitation program. Upgrade of the 400m section south of Brookers Bridge was not included in the replacement of the bridge and associated road works. The section for upgrade is 428m long between chainage 22.809km to 23.237km (from Gresford Road) . From inspections of the area and the current number of houses and traffic volume the road can be widened to a 6m pavement with a 5m seal. This section is in poor condition and requires rehabilitation of the pavement and subsequent surface. The total allocated budget is $150,000.01/07/202031/03/2021$150,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Building Renewal - Library RoofUpgrade to the Library roof to fix ongoing problems with leaks, based on report recommendations following site investigations.01/08/202001/10/2020$24,000.00Close-OutClose-Out Phase
Drainage Renewal - Church Street - York Street to Shaw, and Bathurst Street - York Street to Albert StreetCleaning of pipes and conducting CCTV footage for condition of pipework as part of our continual maintenance of the stormwater network. Areas of focus are Church Street between York and Shaw Streets and Bathurst Street between York and Albert Streets.01/07/202031/12/2020$100,000.00Close-OutCompleted2020-2021
Sealing of Unsealed Road - Rusty Lane East ArmThis project is in alignment with our continual sealing of unsealed road program. The 460m of unsealed road will be sealed within the existing measurements of the road - 6m pavement with a new 5m seal. The works will be in the second section of the road from chainage 0.180km to 0.640km The road has 5 culverts.12/10/202012/03/2021$250,000.00
Not Due to Start2020-2021
Bridge Rehabilitation - Apple Tree Flat Bridge (42B1)Apple Tree Flat Bridge on Jones Reserve Road.
 A Level 2 Bridge inspection was conducted in 2019 and has identified the need to replace the guardrail on the right hand side of the bridge coming from the direction of Jerrys Plains. 
30/06/202031/10/2020$25,000.00Close-OutClose-Out Phase
Drainage Condition Renewal - Culvert Charlton Road - Chainage 3.92 from Putty Road - Design and Investigation Design Only for Replacement of Existing 6 cell culvert - Charlton Road - Chainage 3.92 from Putty Road
 Possible reduction is size of culvert many be looked at with the change in the landform from mining
01/11/202030/06/2021$30,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Drainage Renewal - Broke Road - Chainage 3.015 from Putty RoadRepair to spalling damage box crown units by either relining or sleeving with a smaller capacity units. Removal of trees and repairs of wing-walls and scour protection.
 See Lindsay-Dynan report.
Not Due to Start2020-2021
Lake St Clair - Shade Structure ReplacementReplacement of 4 Picnic tables and shelters as continual maintenance and use has resulted in providing a poor service to the area.01/02/202130/06/2021$70,000.00
Not Due to Start2020-2021
Open Space and Reserve - Renewal - Howe ParkInstallation of six aluminium bench seats at Howe Park as the wooden seats that surrounded the fence were removed with the upgrade of the picket fence.01/02/202118/06/2021$25,000.00
Not Due to Start2020-2021
2020 - 2021 Road Resealing Program - Rural RoadsCouncil’s 2020/2021 Road Resealing Program has allocated a total of $1,238,765 for road resealing of which $788,765 is allocated for sealing Rural Local Roads. A copy of the proposed program is attached.01/09/202028/02/2021$788,765.00
On Track2020-2021
2020 - 2021 Road Resealing Program - Regional RoadsCouncil’s 2020/2021 Road Resealing Program has allocated a total of $1,238,765 for resealing of which $300,000 is allocated for Regional Road Resealing, funded from the 'roads component' of the RMS Block Grant agreement. The proposed program is attached.01/09/202031/03/2021$300,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Playground Replacement - James White Park in Singleton HeightsJames White Park playground is situated in Singleton Heights on White Ave. The current playground is 19 years old and has reached the end of its service life, even though the independent report in 2019 did not state this playground was unservicable. Replacement of a similar playground is required as part of Council's Playground Capital Works Program01/07/202030/04/2020$100,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Playground Replacement - Wannaruah Park in DarlingtonWannaruah Park playground is situated in Darlington on Simpson Terrace. The current playground is 25 years old and has reached the end of its service life, even though the independent report in 2019 did not state this playground was unservicable. Replacement of a similar playground is required as part of Council's Playground Capital Works Program01/07/202030/04/2021$100,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Transportation - Broke Village Line Marking and SignageAdd Line Marking and Signage to the town of Broke as per the upgrade of traffic safety and the Village Masterplan.01/07/202027/11/2020$26,000.00Close-OutClose-Out Phase2020-2021
Transportation - New Urban FootpathsConstruct new 1.5m wide footpaths at the following locations:

- Bourke St - Elizabeth Street to Macquarie Street (91m length)
- Bourke Street – Hunter Street to Elizabeth Street (66m length)
- Civic Avenue – Gym and Swim to Combo Lane (126m length)
- Combo Lane – Queen Street to Civic Avenue (141m length)
On Track2020-2021
Transportation - TfNSW Block Grant - Traffic FacilitiesTfNSW Block Grant Funding - Provision of new and upgrading of existing Transportation facilities01/07/202030/06/2021$123,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Sports Floodlights Compliancy - Various SiteIn 2019 Council investigated the electrical compliancy of the sports lights within the playing fields across the LGA. From this report recommendations were outlined at various parks to assist in the safety in compliancy of these lights. This projects is to follow through and complete these as per the report.09/11/202030/04/2021$50,000.00
Not Due to Start2020-2021
Gym and Swim - Plant Room and Pool ImprovementsTo recondition and renew plant and equipment associated with the running of the 25m and 50m pools.01/07/202030/06/2021$200,000.00
On Track
Jim Johnston Reserve - Cricket Fence RemovalFence Removal due to safety risk as a result of white ants destroying the timber posts. This fence was replaced in 2014 as it was damaged in the same manner. The posts were treated before placed in the ground and rammed earth in position. The fence has now become worse and is a concern for those that book the field.01/07/202028/08/2020$10,000.00
Dunolly Road Rugby League Ground - Carpark ResealReseal to Car Parks at Rugby League Park to prevent damage to underlying pavement (existing seals are in poor condition).01/07/202028/02/2021

Not Due to Start2020-2021
Playing Field Renovations - Various LocationsImprove the vigour of the playing surfaces on the fields at various locations01/09/202001/05/2021$70,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Alroy Oval - Revise MasterplanAlroy Oval Masterplan was developed in 2014/2015. These plans were never adopted by Council due to a number of political matters. As a result the area has never been improved. This review of the old masterplan will provide insight and produce a new plan with provisions for a community building that has plans ready for a DA submission.01/07/202030/06/2021$50,000.00PlanningOn Track
Transportation Renewal - 74 George Street Car ParkDemolition and replacement of Car Park at 74 George Street (Mechanics Institute) and installation of internal drainage.Reinstate carpark with disability access and appropriate line marking.01/07/202031/05/2021$157,000.00PlanningOn Track2020-2021
Open Space and Reserves - Installing Backflow Meters - Various LocationsOn recent works it was discovered that many of the parks and reserves did not comply with the current back flow meters as per legislative requirements. These devices prevent contamination of the potable water supply and need to be installed at any point in which an irrigation system joins/uses potable water. The project is to install as many devices as possible to the current systems.01/07/202011/12/2020$15,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Irrigation Improvements - Cook 1 Playing FieldContinuation of the irrigation system within Cook Park as part of service improvements to sport01/07/202029/01/2021$60,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Low Maintained Road Rehabilitation Program 2020-2021As part of Council’s 2020/2021 Capital Works Program, Council allocated a total of $350,000 for its Low Maintained Road Rehabilitation Program. The copy of the program is attached.30/06/202001/07/2021$355,357.00
On Track2020-2021
Unsealed Road Resheeting Program 2020-2021As part of Council’s 2020/2021 Capital Works Program, Council allocated a total of $332,687 for its Unsealed Road Resheeting Program. The copy of the program is attached to resheet 10.7km of unsealed roads. Target sites are based on condition assessment by site inspection.30/06/202001/07/2021$329,285.00
On Track2020-2021
Riverside Park - Shade Shelter over metal slideInstall shade shelter over the metal slide on the levee bank as part of the sun safe initiative.25/01/202129/06/2021$50,000.00
Not Due to Start2020-2021
Bridge Rehabilitation - Hungerfords Bridge (RR7767B1)Design for the construction of a new bridge that is wider to allow for passing of heavy vehicles over the creek crossing.01/07/202031/03/2021$75,000.00PlanningOn Track
Causeway Rehabilitation - Goorangoola Road 34CA2The causeway on Goorangoola Road (34CA2) at chainage 2.74km from Bridgman Road requires replacement. Works will include realignment of the road to reduce the angle of approach to the causeway, land acquisition and replacement of causeway.01/01/202130/06/2021$220,000.00
Gym and Swim 25m Pool Dome Repairs Gym and Swim 25m Pool Dome Repairs 01/06/202013/04/2021$240,000.00ExecutionOn Track
Sludge Pond MaintenanceOngoing maintenance including banks rehabilitation of catch and maturation ponds23/02/202125/08/2021$60,000.00
Not Due to Start2021-2022
Small Main Replacement / Relining ProgramRelining or replacement of damaged sewer mains01/12/202030/06/2021$250,000.00
Not Due to Start
Laboratory equipment replacement
Not Due to Start
STP Sludge Management Improvement - InvestigationInvestigation into the requirements to upgrade decommissioned sludge ponds at the STP.01/07/202027/11/2020$60,000.00ExecutionOn Track2020-2021
Mechanical Upgrade - Pumping Capacity
On Track
Sludge Management ImprovementsImproving the method of sludge management at the Water Treatment Plant.17/03/202115/12/2021$100,000.00
Not Due to Start
Recommission Glennies Creek Water Pump Station/Allowance for Falling Dam LevelsRecommissioning Glennies Creek Water Pump Station in the event that it is required to be activated if dam levels continue to fall.

Minor Plant & Equipment - Safety
On Track
Minor Plant & Equipment - Sundry
On Track
Upgrade Works - Mt Thorley Raw Water Pump StationCapital Upgrades to Mt Thorley Raw Water Pump Station01/08/202030/06/2021$250,000.00ExecutionOn Track2020-2021
PAC Plant - Dosing CompressorReplacement of dosing compressor at PAC Plant01/09/202031/03/2021$40,000.00PlanningCompleted
STP - Solar power InvestigationInvestigation into the capability of the STP to convert to solar power.01/10/202030/04/2021$75,000.00
On Track2020-2021
STP _ Power UpgradeUpgrade of power capacity at STP by increasing size of transformer and switchboard modifications.01/07/202024/06/2021$250,000.00PlanningOn Track
STP - Decanter UpgradeUpgrade of STP Reactor Decanters to replace damaged parts.02/11/202017/02/2021$30,000.00
Not Due to Start
New Reservoir - Design/InvestigationInvestigation and design of a new large reservoir to service Singleton
This project is based on the outcomes of PM19_10077 Additional Reservoir Investigation
 This project will extend into the following financial year and budget from 6061.0702.0550 is spread over both these project
12/05/202120/09/2021$200,000.00PlanningNot Due to Start2020-2021
Light Vehicle Replacement ProgramCapitalised purchasing program for light and utility vehicles council wide01/07/202030/06/2021

On Track
Heavy Vehicle Capital ReplacementPurchase heavy vehicles for Civil Operations01/07/202031/03/2021

On Track
Post and wire fence Rose pointTo remove the existing power poles and replace with post and wire fence to stop vehicular access to the Hunter River and Cook fields.31/08/202029/01/2021$45,230.00
On Track2020-2021
Future Design and Investigation Forward project planning and costing for Council's Capital Works Program 01/07/202030/06/2021$400,000.00PlanningOn Track
Waste Management Facility - Traffic Management ImprovementsThis project covers work to improve traffic management on-site at the Waste Management Facility. Works include the widening of the main entry driveway, installation of speed-humps and traffic islands, sealing of gravel carpark, signage and linemarking (as well as the completion of a Review of Environmental Factors/REF and Detailed Design - to facilitate construction).01/07/202030/03/2021$200,000.00PlanningNot On Track2020-2021
Waste Management Facility - TelemetryThis project is yet to be defined/confirmed, but in the first instance is to ensure that the WMF has adequate telemetry/comms infrastructure for its own needs and to support the new Animal Management Facility (being constructed adjacent to the WMF). If funds are not required for comms to support the new AMF then project scope could include WMF SCADA system (leachate system monitoring) upgrade to ensure compatibility/continued functionality with the new Water & Sewer SCADA system. Requires management decision on allocation of funds/project scope prior to commencement. 01/07/202031/12/2020$50,000.00
Not On Track2020-2021
Waste Management Facility - Surface Water, Groundwater, Leachate & Gas Management InfrastructureThis project encompasses the completion of multiple short, medium and long term (2 years, 3 years & 5 years) actions identified in the 2019 Surface Water & Groundwater Management Plan (GHD) and 2019 Leachate Management Plan (GHD). While gas management guidance/management plan recommendations are not yet available, it is expected that gas management actions/infrastructure will also be required at some point.01/07/202030/03/2021$370,000.00PlanningNot On Track2020-2021
Tree Removal Civic CentreRemoval of three Silky Oak trees in front of the Civic Centre 30/07/202028/02/2021

On Track
Transportation - Shared Path - Blaxland Avenue from Bridgman Road to Falkiner CrescentUpgrade footpath to cycleway of 390m along Blaxland Avenue from Bridgman Road to Falkiner Crescent01/07/202030/04/2020$177,000.00
On Track2020-2021
Waste Management Facility - Weighbridge/Gatehouse ImprovementsAs a first priority, this project will evaluate the existing weighbridge/gatehouse infrastructure at the WMF and undertake necessary actions to ensure compliance with Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations (e.g. new multi-axle weighbridge scales). Subject to the extent of HVNL CoR actions (and available budget), this project may also include the upgrade/replacement of gatehouse building to a more appropriate design. 01/07/202030/06/2021

On Track
Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Grant - 74 George Street Roof RepairsRepairs to roofing - 74 George Street

Not Updated