Living Laneways

The Living Laneways Project is the first program in the lead up to the launch of the Arts and Culture Centre to promote greater engagement within the town centre.

The Living Laneways Project aims to reconnect community to local business, generate a sense of local identity to the laneways as well as bring much needed reactivation to the public spaces in Singleton.

This project aligns with Council’s Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-2030, while also enabling Council to understand how the larger Singleton community will benefit from these types of installations on an economic and social level.

The project is bringing international attention to Singleton, through collaboration between Council, University of Newcastle’s FASTLab and the Austrian organisation Ars Electronica to deliver the Shadowgram project in Bourke’s Arcade.

The Living Laneways project is funded by the NSW Government Streets as Shared Spaces grant program.

 The objectives of the Streets as Shared Spaces – Living Laneways project are to:

  • Build on the identity and local character of key Singleton laneways that are under-utilised.
  • Increase the space for safe walking with improved lighting and safety of key laneways, facilitating greater use of the laneways during the day and night time.
  • Improve access on foot by encouraging use of key laneways to the main commercial shopping area of John Street, linking key Council car parks to the local centres.
  • Reconfigure laneways to support local small businesses on the main centre to help overcome a 22% loss of revenue for businesses in the Town Centre, increasing community and tourist foot traffic.
  • Reactivate John Street through improved access to better quality public spaces in the laneways.
  • Focus on projects that can be delivered in 2020 and early 2021, to reinvigorate business activity and community connection, after the significant impact to our economy and community.


Singleton artist Sally Hinchcliffe and St Catherine’s Catholic College year 12 graduate Altheya Agena have joined forces to create a 15m mural to activate this important laneway off John Street in Singleton's town centre.

The mural is the first of five laneway activations in Singleton to reconnect our community to local businesses and bring identity to our public spaces. 

Photos + Video - James Fox Creative