Plastic Free July

Did you know that all plastic ever created still exists on earth today? Approximately 9.1 billion tonnes
(equivalent to 1 billion elephants). 
Half of which has been produced in only the past 20 years...

That’s why we’re calling for all hands on deck this July, to collectively take on single-use plastics and work towards a world free of plastic waste!

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a global movement, allowing people to become part of the solution to plastic pollution!

In July 2020 alone, an estimated 326 million people from across the globe took part in the challenge and reduced their household waste and recycling by 21kg per person per year. 

That means that if all Singleton residents pledge and participate – we’ll have refused to use a whopping 482,727kgs of plastic as a community this year alone! 


To celebrate this initiative and encourage further participation, we’ve put together a plastic free prize pack – valued at $250!

To be eligible*;

  1. Pledge your participation in Plastic Free July
  2. Photograph yourself holding up your Plastic Free pledge 
  3. Post it below the Plastic Free July post on Council’s Facebook  
  4. Participate in the challenge for the month of July

Picking a Pledge

Your pledge should be something realistic and attainable! You can pledge to continue a practice you may already successfully have in place or you could challenge yourself to make a new commitment. Pledges can be statements like; 

  • “I choose to refuse single-use coffee cups!”
  • “I choose to refuse single-use plastic bottles!”
  • “I choose to refuse plastic straws!”
  • “I choose to refuse single-use plastic packaging!”
  • “I choose to refuse all single-use plastics!”
  • “I choose to refuse plastic wrap!”
  • “I choose to refuse plastic takeaway packaging!”
  • You can be creative… “I choose to refuse my 3pm chocolate snack because it is wrapped in plastic!” 

Once you have chosen your preferred pledge, simply write it out, hold it up and pose for your picture. Don’t forget to post it on Council’s Facebook page under our Plastic Free July post to go in the draw to win our plastic free gift pack.

Here’s an example: