Residential property charges

The Local Government Act (1993) NSW permits Councils to levy charges for various services provided, including water and sewer. Singleton Council charges two main items for water and sewer services provided to a property. These are access, or base charges and usage charges. 

  • Access charges contribute to the cost of providing and maintaining the water and sewer systems and are issued as part of the annual Rates Notice.
  • Usage charges reflect the amount of water that has passed through the meter. These are issued three times per year on a Water Usage Notice.

The prices on the following pages are effective from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.  For a complete list of current prices, see our Fees and Charges Schedule and Operational Plan or see the relevant charges for your property type below.

standalone house connected to water and sewer
Standalone house connected to water only
Standalone house connected to water and pressure sewer
flat or unit connected to water and sewer