Singleton Town Centre - Stage Two Upgrade

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The modernisation of John Street is spreading, with the $7 million Town Centre - Stage 2 Upgrade to continue Singleton’s transformation as a destination for retail, dining, recreation and leisure.

We are revitalising John Street from the Ryan Avenue intersection north to Campbell Street, and from Campbell Street to the New England Highway to enhance the gateways to the Town Centre from the highway as well as improve traffic flows and pedestrian connectivity.

Robson Civil has been appointed as the principal contractor, with construction work to begin on 27 July 2020 and continue for up to 12 months (weather permitting).


  • The project has attracted about $500,000 in direct local expenditure
  • Upgraded kerb and gutter, footpaths, street trees and street furniture will increase the level of liveability and amenity in the area
  • The Stage 2 upgrade will be linked in with Stage 1 to enhance the Town Centre and make it more attractive for businesses and community connectiveness
  • New lighting is being installed in keeping with the style used in Stage 1
  • The Elizabeth Street and John Street intersection is being upgraded to increase safety
  • Pedestrian crossings on John Street are being placed in safer locations


Posted 18 January 2021

Week of the 18 January 2021

  • Kerb and gutter works on the eastern side of John Street. This will have a minor impact on traffic
  • Installing tree pits on the western side of John Street. All areas have been delineated. Minor impact on pedestrians
  • Installing tree pits on the southern side of Campbell Street. Delineation and traffic control used. Moderate impact on traffic, minor impact on pedestrians
  • Concrete works on the western side of John Street. Minor impact on pedestrians

Week of 25 January 2021

  • The site will be shutdown on 25 and 26 January
  • Removing pavers from the footpath on the western side of John Street. Minor impact on pedestrians 
  • Installing tree pits on the western side of John Street. All areas have been delineated. Minor impact on pedestrians
  • Installing tree pits on the southern side of Campbell Street. Delineation and traffic control used. Moderate impact on traffic, minor impact on pedestrians
  • Concrete works on the western side of John Street. Minor impact on pedestrians
  • Concrete works on the southern side of Campbell Street. All areas to be delineated. Minor impact on pedestrians

For all construction enquiries or complaints, please phone the information hotline on T 0401 096 484 or email E 


Posted 13 January 2021
Soapsuds Lane will be closed from 19 January to 3 February 2021 to allow for construction works. The closure is necessary to allow for construction of the concrete access to Soapsuds Lane as part of the project.

Posted 23 October 2020

Under-bore of Concrete Levee at Dunolly Bridge 

An under-bore machine will be setup on the footpath near the roundabout which will dig a tunnel through the levee to place conduits through. An exit pit will be built on the river side of the levee.  These conduits will be used to construct new power poles on the river side of the levee and allow the removal of overhead power including existing poles from select locations along Campbell and John Street in the coming months.


Setup new work area at Baileys Union Park

The project team will establish a new work area at Baileys Union Park to allow for the continued construction of kerb and gutter works and preparation for future footpath upgrades.



Night Works - Watermain upgrade at Roundabout

A new watermain will being installed at the roundabout at Dunolly Bridge between 7pm, 14 October and 31 October 2020.  This will improve the reliability of the service to customers. 


Kerb Works 
The new profile kerb and gutter work has commenced on John and Campbell Streets which is a major milestone for the project.

 For further information please contact our community liaison representative Olivia Power on our 24hr enquiry line 0401 096 484 or email 

Posted 25 September

Riverside Park

  • Barriers on John Street will be extended south along the frontage of Riverside Park Monday 28 September 2020 for 2 weeks during the school holidays. 
  • Riverside Park and the Café remain open. On street parking remains open on the CBD end of Riverside Park and on the opposite side of John St
  • Works in this location are being completed during school holidays so that traffic turning into Elizabeth Street (especially buses) will not be disrupted. This is a safety requirement and cannot be completed during the school term.

 John Street (west side) between Macquarie and Elizabeth Streets

  • Barriers that are currently in place on John Street from Elizabeth Street to Macquarie Street will remain in place. 
  • The kerb and footpath along this section of John Street will be replaced.
  • Pedestrian access and access to businesses and facilities will be maintained.
  • Traffic conditions in this area will be maintained.

 Intersection of John and Elizabeth Streets

  • Barriers will be placed on the east side of John Street from Monday 28 September to Friday 9 October. Traffic control will be in place during delivery and removal of barriers. 
  • Elizabeth Street will be realigned during this period to form a straight intersection with John Street.
  • Pedestrian access and access to businesses and facilities will be maintained.
  • Traffic conditions for the public will be maintained. 
  • These works will be completed during the school holiday period as bus traffic is minimal – this work cannot be conducted during school hours.

Download Construction Update - Elizabeth Street/Riverside Park 25 September 2020

Click here to download the work notification - start of work letter that was circulated on 15 July 2020.

Posted 3 August

  • Dilapidation Reports: On Wednesday 5 August 2020, a Robson Civil representative and a structural engineer will be doorknocking in the area to offer dilapidation reports to property owners.
  • Electrical investigation works: From Monday 3 August 2020 the following electrical investigation works will begin:
    • Inspection of the main switch board and electricity points of attachment. Workers from Robson Civil and subcontractor ARA will conduct inspections of the external mains switch board and Ausgrid network point of attachment to buildings in the area to allow for future connection planning. 
    •  Inspection of buildings for Ausgrid level 2 connections. For planning and procurement purposes, Robson Civil and subcontractor ARA will be accessing the Ausgrid network around the exterior of buildings to allow for future connection. 
  • Undergrounding of Electrical Services: From Monday 3 August 2020, excavation works will begin in order to relocate electrical services underground.
    • Electrical Undergrounding - Campbell Street: Workers from Robson Civil and subcontractor ARA will begin the electrical undergrounding works. The work zone will be in Baileys Union Park and the south side of Campbell Street between John and Bourke streets.
    • Electrical Undergrounding - John Street: Workers from Robson Civil and subcontractor ARA will begin electrical undergrounding works on the western footpath of John Street between Elizabeth and Macquarie streets. 

 This work will involve:

  • Removal of trees
  • Removal of pedestrian islands
  • Excavation of footpath, kerb and guttering
  • Saw cutting, jackhammering and the use of heavy machinery 
  • Temporary footpath barriers


How will this work affect me?
Pedestrian and traffic access will be maintained. Traffic control will be in place as required and a temporary work zone speed limit of 40km/h will be in effect.

When will the work be done ?
Most activity will be carried out from 6am until 6pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturday from 8am to 3pm, weather permitting. If we need to work outside these times, we will let you know.

What equipment will be used?
Equipment will include, but is not limited to machinery haulage vehicles, trucks, excavators, light vehicles, power tools and hand tools.

What to expect during construction
There may be some noise associated with this work. We apologise for the inconvenience and will aim to minimise the impact of our work by:

  • Turning off equipment when not in use, and
  • Positioning noisy equipment as far away as possible from residents and businesses.

What work will be done?
Key construction activities involved in the project are:

  • Re-lining of existing storm water drains
  • Placing powerlines underground and connection of services to each building
  • Construction of new footpaths, kerbs and gutters
  • Landscaping and irrigation works
  • Installation of street lights, furniture, and signage

Will traffic and parking be affected?
During construction there will be necessary changes to the traffic conditions and car parking in the precinct, however the project will be staged to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum. We do this by ensuring construction is as efficient as possible so the project is completed in a timely fashion.

What about access to businesses?
Access to businesses will  be maintained with pedestrian diversions in place and changes to driveway access. Considered Traffic Management, Pedestrian Management and Construction Staging plans will be made public prior to the commencement of works to keep the public and stakeholders informed of upcoming activity. We acknowledge that, as with any major construction, there will be some short-term disruption. We will do our best to minimise these impacts and make sure that access is maintained throughout the project.

What next?
Buildings within the work precinct will be sent regular updates via mail to inform them of any upcoming work in their area or changes to scheduled work. These notifications will also be available on this page. Regular updates will also be posted on the Singleton Council Facebook page.



Jason Brown

Jason Brown, Robson Civil Site Manager, working on the Singleton Town Centre Upgrade

"I've only been in the area a short time, but I've found Singleton to be a friendly place, and a great place to raise a family. My partner has family in the Hunter, and we've both made a lot of good friends already. We love having friends and family over for a drink and a barbecue, or jumping on the Harley to explore, finding out what the region has to offer.

"After working as a quarry manager, I began working in the civil industry around 10 years ago. This project is an exciting one that will transform the town centre. I am focused on environmental management, as well the health and safety of my team and the general public. We are working hard to ensure that interruptions to the community will be kept to a minimum."


Thank you for your patience during these works. If you’d like to know more about the project, please contact our 24 hour enquiry line on  0401 096 484 or email