Mobile Preschool

Council’s Mobile Preschool provides education and care for children aged three to five years (two year olds are considered if places are available). The Mobile Preschool travels to rural halls in the local government area, providing flexible, responsive and innovative services to our rural families. This guarantees your child has access within their local community to preschool programs prior to their transition to school.

Underpinning our practice and purpose to guarantee that young children are provided with every opportunity to maximise their capabilities, is our philosophy that developing core foundations help ensure future success in learning.

Staff strive to form strong partnerships with families to share an understanding of each child’s individuality to build an accurate picture of their strengths, abilities and overall development. Families are encouraged to be active contributors to the daily program and curriculum.

The primary focus of the mobile preschool team is the success in the education and care outcomes for children in remote areas. The Mobile Preschool has three trained educators each day delivering a high quality program with fun and interesting activities combined with meaningful interactions to support the pre-schoolers during their transition to school.

The team comprises of:

  • Diploma qualified educator
  • Certificate III educators
  • Team members have first aid qualification, emergency asthma management training, anaphylaxis management training and safety awareness of individual dietary needs and allergies.


Broke Community Hall
Mount Olive Public Hall
Mount Olive Public Hall
Broke Community Hall


Please see the childcare section of Council’s fees and charges schedule.


All bookings and childcare account information for Colleen Gale is managed through OWNA.


The Mobile Preschool runs from 9am - 3pm, Tuesday - Friday during the school term.


T 0428 237 951
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