Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Singleton Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers.

Council Meeting Agendas are generally made available on the Wednesday prior to each Council Meeting. The Agenda lists all items of business for each meeting and includes any relevant attachments. All reports included in the Agenda contain sufficient information to allow Councillors to be able to assess Council’s performance and to make appropriate, well-informed decisions.


Anyone can attend a Council meeting and watch the proceedings from the Public Gallery. Members of the public cannot participate in the Council meeting, and must remain silent at all times.

Whilst not mandatory, members of the public attending Council’s meeting rooms are encouraged to wear a face mask.

Members of the public must remain within the designated area of the Public Gallery and are not permitted to occupy the space within the Council Chamber allocated for Councillors, representatives of the media or staff members. Members of the public are not permitted to approach a Councillor at any time during a Council Meeting.

Any act of disorder may result in expulsion from the meeting in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice