Water Restriction Levels - residential

With no end in sight for dry weather conditions and falling levels in Glennies Creek Dam, Level 2 water restrictions now apply to Singleton water customers.

Water restrictions apply to all residential, commercial, industrial and government customers connected to reticulated water supplies in Council’s water supply area. Water restrictions apply to both residential and non-residential (commercial, industrial and government) customers. The activities and restrictions are different for residential and non-residential customers.

Under Level 2 water restrictions, residential outdoor watering is limited to every second day depending on house numbers, vehicles and boats can only be washed using a bucket and rinsed with a hand-held hose with a trigger nozzle between 9am – 12pm, and topping up pools and spas is only permitted between 7am-9am and 6pm-8pm.

For residential customers, level 2 water restrictions mean:

  • When watering lawns and gardens, the odds and evens system applies
  • Water between 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm in summer, and 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm in winter
  • Watering systems (including micro sprays and drip irrigation systems), soaker hoses, non-fixed sprinklers and hand-held hoses are permitted
  • Washing of hard surfaces, walls and windows with a hose is banned. You must spot clean with a bucket and hand-held trigger nozzle or other devices that can be shut off instantly
  • Wash vehicles and boats with a bucket, and rinse with hand-held nozzle or other device that can be shut off instantly between 9am-12pm any day
  • You can top up an existing pool or spa or fill a new pool or spa fixed to a timer between 7am-9am and 6pm-8pm
  • You can fill temporary inflatable children’s pools at any time with a hand-held hose trigger nozzle or other devices that can be shut instantly or fixed to a timer

level 2

An information flipbook has been delivered to all Singleton water customers outlining what each water restriction level means and what activities are allowed, what the odds and evens water system is, summer and winter variations, as well as tips to save water in the laundry, bathroom, kitchen and outside. If you didn’t receive one and are a Singleton water customer, please contact Council’s customer service center or email council@singleton.nsw.gov.au, you will need to provide your name and address.

The full details  of the levels and restricted activities for water restrictions, able to be imposed by Council can be viewed by downloading one of the documents below:

The restricted activities are in addition to the Council adopted permanent water saving rules under its POL/26030 Water Supply Services Policy, which are applicable to all residents and businesses connected to Council’s water supply.