Community Support package



$475,000** for economic development and social programs to provide immediate, on-the-ground support for small businesses, community organisations and vulnerable sectors of the community. The programs are currently in development and more information will be announced as it becomes available.

Community Partners: Singleton Business Chamber, Singleton Interagency

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Rates extension for the fourth quarter instalment from 31 May to 31 August with no interest applied** to provide cash-flow relief for property owners and residents. This will be reviewed as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds and more announcements may be made.

Extension for the next instalment of Singleton Water and Sewer bills to provide cash-flow relief for property owners and residents. Further information will be provided in April.

2019/2020 household Waste Vouchers extended in accordance with the duration of the Waste Management Facility closure to honour Council’s commitment of service to the community.

Cancellation fees** for Colleen Gale Children’s Services and OOSH waived to support families to make the best decision for their needs in response to COVID-19.

Review of all Council fees and charges** to seek opportunities for further relief for residents and businesses, with announcements to be made when information is available.

Review Council’s Procurement Policy** to seek opportunities to provide greater support for local suppliers to promote economic stimulus.

Rent relief for tenants of Council-owned buildings** to provide cash-flow relief for small businesses and other organisations operating in these premises.

Expanded delivery of services to be developed on an ongoing and as-needed basis in keeping with the changing situation. Announcements will be made as information is available.

Alternative and innovative provision of remote service delivery, including Library and Youth services to continue to promote a socially connected community.

** Note:  Measures requiring formal endorsement by Council will be presented to the April Ordinary meeting.

In keeping with advice from the NSW Government and Federal Government, Council also supports:

Strict guidelines on indoor and outdoor events with all Council events and events on Council land cancelled

More flexible delivery times and truck movements at retail centres (including supermarkets)

24-hour operation of retail premises such as supermarkets, pharmacies and corner stores

Increase in intensity for home businesses

Social distancing and isolation

Closure of playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor fitness equipment

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