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Posted on: 21 August, 2018

Council agrees to a price for the sale of Wallaby Scrub Road

Wallaby Scrub Road will be sold after Singleton Council agreed on a purchase price to sell the former road corridor to adjoining landholders Warkworth Mining Limited and Miller Pohang Coal Company subject to publication of the notice of road closure in the NSW Gazette.

A purchase price of $27.5 million (including GST) plus costs was agreed in closed Council at tonight’s ordinary meeting, with Council’s resolution also granting authority to the Mayor and General Manager to sign and affix the Common Seal of Council to the transfer documents.

The proposal to close the road was driven by the Mt Thorley Continuation Project, which required the acquisition of the Wallaby Scrub Road corridor to continue operations.

Council’s role as the road authority was to consider the impacts of the closure from a roads management perspective. It was not to consider the mine expansion completed by the Planning Assessment Commission.

The approval in principle from the Department of Industry relates to the closure of 5.99km of Wallaby Scrub Road from the intersection of Putty Road, but excludes a portion of Crown road adjoining the road corridor and is conditional on the land being sold to the adjoining landholders.

General Manager Jason Linnane said the community rightfully expected the best value for the asset.

“Council has made very balanced and considered decisions to close the road throughout this process and made a determination tonight that the sale was the best outcome for the community, notwithstanding the impact of the road closure,” he said.

“We are satisfied with the outcomes of the negotiation process and believe the negotiated price reflects the value of the property to our community and organisation.

“What’s more, legislation means all proceeds from the sale of the road corridor must be invested in the road network in the Singleton local government area, so the community will see continued benefits through improvements to local roads.”

Mr Linnane said Council’s resolution was reliant on publication of notice of road closure in the NSW Government Gazette by 28 September 2018, when approval for the closure would lapse.

“Following registration and with a binding agreement in place for the purchase of the land, the formal closure will progress following the publication of the Gazettal notice,” he said.

“A detailed traffic management plan has been developed to facilitate the closure of Wallaby Scrub Road, and the community will be informed in advance of the closure taking place.”

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